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British Classic Yacht Club at Cowes 2018

Despite a frustrated start, due to lack of wind, which postponed the inshore race until after 2pm there were 51 yachts on the start line of the fourth day of the British Classic Yacht Club's [...]

Vote for Marine Conservation Zones

The government is asking the public if 41 sites in English seas should be protected as Marine Conservation Zones. Zones are deemed as places of great importance to ocean health and marine species which have little [...]

Golden Globe – the 36ft Rustlers are ahead

Day 16 – Dateline:  16 July 2018 Lanzarote Canaries Philippe Péché (above) and his Rustler 36 PRB is being pushed hard by Mark Slats (Ophen Maverick) as the Golden Globe Race fleet enjoy glorious trade wind [...]

MAIB alert after throw bag line fails

  The UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has issued an industrywide safety warning after faults were discovered in RIBER throw bag rescue lines during a safety drill. The 15-m polypropylene line parted when it [...]

Pin Mill Sailing Barge Match 2018

The 57th Pin Mill Sailing Barge Match took place on June 23rd. The conditions were quite unusual in that there was steady north to north west breeze that made for very rapid progress down the [...]

Fun in the sun at the Barcelona Puig

Barcelona says goodbye to its visiting legends of the sea as the 11th Puig Vela Clàssica finishes. Halloween, Guia, Argos, Peter and Marigan are proclaimed winners. More than 40 boats from seven countries competed over [...]

Ships in ice-free Arctic zones threaten marine mammals

Marine mammals such as beluga, bowhead whales and narwhals will be at risk as shipping increases through their Arctic habitats – made possible by the shrinking sea ice, a new study has found. The study, [...]

Minister Launches 2018’s Rescue Boat Fund

Transport Minister Nusrat Ghani is urging maritime charities across the UK to enter this year’s Rescue Boat Grant Fund competition, which she launched at Shepperton Marina yesterday (10 July 2018). Apply for an Inshore and [...]

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Classic Sailor Magazine – Restructuring

  Classic Sailor Magazine is going through a period of restructuring at the moment following the death of our chairman and benefactor David Walker early [...]

Surviving the OSTAR storm

Neil Payter, his boat, Solent 1, is a 33ft Yamaha, with a small added bowsprit for the reaching sail    John Clarke, the Principal of Team Sailing, interviews Neil Payter RYA Yachtmaster instructor, [...]

Eric Tabarly and the Fife Regatta – it was 20 years ago

A wild night and a kicking gaff caused the loss of France's greatest sailor, on his way to the first Fife Regatta It's 20 years ago since France's greatest sailor Eric Tabarly was lost overboard [...]

Cold water shock – how to survive it

Useful video from the RNLI on the immediate actions to take if you fall in cold water (especially in the seas around Britain) without a lifejacket, by forcing yourself to be calm and to float [...]

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